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Welcome to Official Page of
Nippon SIM for Japan
Produced by DHA Corporation
(Japan MVNO Registeration No: A-30-16419)
Introducing DHA Corporation
DHA Corporation, a Japan MVNO (Registration No: A-30-16419)plans, markets, sales and supports our customers with quality mobile network data service in Japan and overseas. We direct partnership with Mobile Network Operator (MNO) to provide high quality and latest technology to the market.
Our Flagship Nippon SIM for Japan is available broadly from major online stores, airport stores, home electronic stores in Japan. We also have been providing mission critical service to business (from SOHO, SMB to public listed corporations), education segments and government bodies.
Our DHA SIM series focus on overseas plans for Japanese. We handpick high quality plans by major overseas MNO while providing end to end supports to our customers, making sure they stay connected whether they are traveling overseas on business or private. 
Our belief is we do not merely provide products, but to provide peace of mind to our customers with our end to end supports from pre-purchase consultation to after purchase supports in house. (We operate our inhouse support center)
Helping you to stay connected!
With the advance in mobile communication technology such as availability of LTE-enabled notebook PCs and dual SIM mobile phones, we understand how important it is to stay connected.
Our variety of plans fits different needs and lifestyles: From casual use to mission critical use, from international travelers to local telework, remote education, use during hospitalization to customers who do not prefer contracts.
You will find one which suits your needs!
Our Prepaid Plans without further or hidden charges means it is easy to plan and budget. Also it is easy to expense it for work use.  
Prepaid SIM card is easy to use
No contract, No fixed terms, No registration, No Credit card, No unwanted registration fee. There is also no need to return consumed SIM cards.
No Contract or Credit Card
More simple than WiFi rental
No activation, No waiting time. Just start use the SIM when you are ready. Very Easy setting even for first time users of SIM cards.
Easy setting and instant use
3 Product Line Up by DHA Corporation
Nippon SIM
Special tailored plans for your use in Japan
Service designed and provided by DHA, a Japanese MVNO Carrier. We provide Standard Plan, SNS APP Data count Free Plan and Unlimited Plan to fit different needs.
High Cost Performance Quality plans for overseas use
DHA SIM provides plans covering ASIA, America, Europe and rest of the world. Our quality plans support travelers’ stay in connect whether on business or private trips.
Global SIM
Multi use Global SIMs for frequent travelers
Just install Global SIM APP, decide and purchase the required country plan and you are mostly there! Insert the Global SIM and turn on device and data roaming and internet is ready!
No more booking, contracting, waiting for the router as in the case of WiFi Rental! No hidden costs as all fee are prepaid. Also much cheaper than WiFi Rental on longer terms!