「Nippon SIM for Japan」 utilizes
 NTT docomo and Softbank mobile network,
providing a national wide coverage.
Nippon SIM for Japan have been supporting critical missions and used by corporations, educations and government bodies. Our products are available at major electronic appliance stores, airports, online shopping malls and  system integrators, just to name a few.
Procedures to use
Easy three steps to get you online.
All you need to do is to insert the SIM card to your device, set up APN and then you are ready to use
Plans varies from short term to long term to fir your requirements. You can choose plans from 8days to 180days.
FREE count on 10 Daily use APP such as LINE, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Google MAP, Wechat, messaenger, Skype, Kakaotalk to help you keep connected. 
Daily first 2GB LTE data, followed by speed limit at maximum 200kbps. Suitable for heavy data business use. 
Purchase the SIM card
Set up APN
Start to use
Data Consumption of 1GB
1GB Equivalent to
Youtube video (480p)
Email (300 words text only)
About 204,800times
Web browsing
Google Map
Reference of Minimum Data speed
Required for smooth usage
Sufficient for sending and receiveing emails. Also sufficient for sending and receiving messages on SNS APP
Sufficient for Internet browsing
Sufficient for low resolution Video (480p)
Standard Plan
Product Features
Our standard plan is available from 8 days to 180 days to fit your requirements.
By using Docomo or Softbank network, we provide nation wide coverage same as the major carriers.
For plans using Docomo network, you can also use Docomo locked devices because we use genuine docomo SIM cards.
Recommends for customer who
・Wants to use for internet browsing, SNS, video, Maps...etc.
・Wants to use for a short period of time
 you can choose from 8 days, 15 days or 30 days plans
・Wants to use for a long period of time
 Please choose from the 90 days or 180 days plan
Model Number and price
・8days/15days/30days Plan (IIJ docomo)
DHA-SIM-023 :   3GB/  8days 1,980yen 
DHA-SIM-043 :   3GB/15days 2,280yen 
DHA-SIM-025 :   3GB/30days 2,480yen 
DHA-SIM-113 :  15GB/30days   4,980yen 
・90days Plan (docomo)
DHA-SIM-096 :    3GB/ 90days  2,980yen 
DHA-SIM-097 :    9GB/90days   3,980yen 
DHA-SIM-098 :  15GB/90days  4,980yen 
・180days Plan (docomo)
・Roaming Network Plan (Softbank)
DHA-SIM-099 :    6GB/180days   3,980yen 
DHA-SIM-100 :  18GB/180days   5,980yen
DHA-SIM-101 :  30GB/180days   7,980yen
DHA-SIM-088 :   8GB       1,980yen 
DHA-SIM-132 :   15GB 2,980yen 
DHA-SIM-133 :   50GB 7,980yen 
APP Data Count Free Plan
・360days Plan (IIJ docomo)
DHA-SIM-139 :    20GB/360days   5,980yen 
・180days Plan (IIJ docomo)
DHA-SIM-138 :    10GB/180days   2,980yen 
・Roaming Network Plan (docomo)
DHA-SIM-140 :   15GB    2,980yen 
DHA-SIM-141 :   30GB 4,980yen 
DHA-SIM-142 :   50GB 7,980yen 
・Softbank Network Plan
DHA-SIM-134 :   10GB 2,980yen 
Product Features
Unlimited* 4G/LTE Data (Data Count free) for 10 APP including Google Map, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, Messenger, LINE, wechat, Kakaotalk,  so no worries about running out of high speed LTE Data!
By using Docomo network, we provide nation wide coverage same as the major carriers.
You can also use Docomo locked devices because we use genuine docomo SIM cards.
​※ Please ensure you still have residual 4G/LTE Data left. Once the 4G/LTE data volume are all consumed, all APP, including the 10 APP will be speed limit at maximum 128kbps.
※ Within the 10APP, some of the service/functions are excluded from Data count free.  For details, please refer to the below details on Data Count Free table.
Recommends for Customer who 
・Is Heavy users for SNS APP like Instagram or Facebook
・Wants to use SNS to voice calls / video calls   
・Relies heavily on traveler Map like Google Map
Data Count Free Table
△:The part which connects GPS will be exclude from Data Count free
△:If the other parties are using non-mobile device such as Personal computer, it will be excluded from Free data count
Model Number and price
・7days/14days/30days Plan
DHA-SIM-008 :   1GB/  7days   2,980yen (1GB is for other APP use)
DHA-SIM-009 :   2GB/14days   3,980yen (2GB is for other APP use)
DHA-SIM-010 :   3GB/30days   4,980yen (3GB is for other APP use)










・VPN(Virtual Private Network)、プロキシサーバを介した通信






一部の通信料を無料とするために、これらサービスに関わる通信先(送信元IPアドレス、接続先IPアドレス、ポート、HTTPヘッダ、TLSヘッダ)を弊社装置で 識別していますが、お客様が実際にやり取りされている通信内容(例えばメッセージの内容、等)については識別していません。


DHA NIPPON SIM for Japanご契約のSIMを挿入したスマートフォンから直接データ接続したもののみ対象となります。




Unlimited* Plan
Product Features
Daily 4G/LTE limit is 2GB per day. Once reach the daily limit, the data transfer rate will be limited at maximum 200kbps till 23:59 Japan time. 
There are three plans available: 30days/60days and 90days.
Network coverage is same as Docomo as we utilize Docomo Full MVNO network.
Recommends for Customer who
・Uses for business purpose
・Wants to use substantial data daily
・Used for shot/mid terms
Model Number and price
・30days/60days/90days Plan
DHA-SIM-114 :   Unlimited 30days    4,980yen
DHA-SIM-115 :   Unlimited 60days    9,980yen 
DHA-SIM-116 :   Unlimited 90days  14,980yen