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お客様各位 (Dear Customers, English follows)

弊社一部回線不具合に関するお詫びとお知らせ (Notice of some SIM service failure) 



状況をご報告いたします。(2021/11/9 11:38)

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発生日時:11/6 夕方頃

復旧日時: 11/9  07:30

1) Nippon SIM for Japan 50GB30日 (型番DHA-SIM-113)
2) Nippon SIM for Japan 無制限30日 (型番DHA-SIM-114)

3) Nippon SIM for Japan 無制限60日 (型番DHA-SIM-115)
4) Nippon SIM for Japan 無制限90日 (型番DHA-SIM-116)




2021/11/7 00:14 弊社より、キャリアにエスカレーションしました。
2021/11/7 07:04 キャリアによって、ネットワーク調査は入ります。
2021/11/8 18:00 復旧作業を始まります。

2021/11/9 07:30 回線を復旧いたします。

2021/11/9 09:30 全部回線を普及いたします。  


English Versions

Dear Customers
We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused due to some of our plans not being able to used right now. Please be patient with us while we deep dive and recover the issue.

1) Time of incident: Started around 6pm of 11/6
2) Impacted products
- Nippon SIM for Japan 50GB 30days (DHA-SIM-113)
- Nippon SIM for Japan Unlimited 30days (DHA-SIM-114)
- Nippon SIM for Japan Unlimited 60days (DHA-SIM-115)
- Nippon SIM for Japan Unlimited 90days (DHA-SIM-116)

3) Symptoms
- Network switched to 3G and cannot use Internet
4) Reason of cause: Confirming
5) Current situation:
- We had escalated to related carrier on 11/7 00:14, and
- Carrier started investigation on 11/7 07:04 

- Carrier recovery action started on 11/8 18:00 onwards
- Carrier confirmed network recovery on 11/9 07:30

- Carrier confirmed all network recovery on 11/9 09:30


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